Ball Strike Impacts
During BSI testing all cricket helmets are subjected to an inverted drop test onto a hemispherical anvil from which the peak acceleration levels are recorded.

In order to be deemed a PASS the helmet has to record a reading of 250gn or below. As you can see from the graphic below our latest Ayrtek Cricket PremierTek 2016 model not only pass this but come in on average over 200gn less than this allowance.

What does this mean?

In simple terms we are performing to a level that on average is over 82{fcc11d89249bf381872b709f08dca6267bc575f26c801e6c318e5dad6f30ecd8} better than required to pass testing. This ensures that if someone is struck by the ball when wearing one of our helmets the minimum force is transmitted through the shell to the wearers head inside of it.

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